Licensing & Trademarks

The Licensing and Trademarks Program (LTP) was established in July 1991 to promote, regulate and protect the commercial use of GW’s federally trademarked names and identifying marks both on- and off-campus. LTP is housed under Business Services, in coordination with the Athletics Department.

Any student, faculty member, student organization or administrative office that is interested in using GW’s wordmarks and logos for merchandise, must follow the university’s trademark guidelines, use a licensed vendor and get the design approved by LTP.

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External entities or third parties not directly affiliated with the university requesting to use the university’s trademarks and services marks, must obtain permission by LTP and include a sponsoring GW affiliate.

For questions on trademarks, vendors, guidelines or third party logo usage, please contact [email protected].





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Request to Use GW's Marks 

GW requires external entities to obtain prior written permission to use the university's trademarks and service marks. Once you have a sponsoring GW affiliate, fill out the Request to Use GW Marks form and expect a response within 1-2 days. If approved, LTP will work with the Office of General Council to write up a letter granting permission to use the requested trademarks. The permission process can take 5–7 business days.


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Submit Artwork for Approval

Before submitting artwork to vendors for printing, please fill out the Artwork Approval form with your artwork details for approval from LTP. Please allow two business days for feedback and artwork approval. For guidance on how to use GW trademarks, please refer to the Trademark Guidelines.


Submit Artwork for Approval