Licensed Vendors

GW owns the rights to the logos, marks and verbiage of its trademarks (see the Approved Logo Sheet (PDF) for these marks). In addition, GW controls the use of those marks and requires that you use a licensed vendor to ensure product quality and adherence to labor codes. GW fully supports labor codes and is an affiliate of the Workers Rights Consortium, an independent labor rights monitoring organization.

If you have a vendor that you would like added to the list of approved licensed vendors, that vendor must contact Collegiate Licensing Company to obtain a license.

Approved Vendors for Promotional Merchandise

If you have merchandise that you intend to use as a giveaway, promotional item, or sell in a fundraiser (student orgs only) you must use a GW licensed vendor. Please visit our licensing agency's directory of GW licensed vendors.

Approved Vendors for Resale/Fundraising

If you would like to sell merchandise for your GW student organization or department please contact the GW Licensing & Trademarks Program for more information at [email protected].

Sideline Partnership: Adidas

Adidas is the official sideline provider of GW Athletics. BIG Athletics, a fulfillment partner of Adidas, will manage the university/department purchases. Campus departments and approved student groups will receive a 40% discount on blank stock adidas apparel. Logo application is an additional cost.

BIG Athletics
Shawn LaPlante
[email protected]
Adidas miTeam not included in that discount. If ordering adidas miTeam items, this would require a quote from BIG Athletics. Custom adidas will be processed as a normal order depending on discount of item.
Campus departments and approved student groups can use their university approved logo on the adidas apparel.