We offer SiteImprove, a website quality assurance tool, to all GW website owners. We highly recommend using SiteImprove to help keep your website up to date and easily identify issues. Some of the key features include:


Magnifying glass on charts on a computer screen


• Identifying misspellings and broken links

• Providing recommendations for improving your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

• Scanning for correct content usage (e.g. "GW" instead of "GWU")

• Scanning for unwanted content (e.g. outdated GW terms such as "SPHHS")

• Listing all pages on which specific text appears, such as a phone number, email address or a custom phrase unique to your site

• Listing all documents grouped by type (PDF, Word, etc.)

• Scanning your website for digital accessibility issues


You can also use SiteImprove to measure analytics on user traffic on your website: which pages are most popular, how long users stay on your site, how they get to your website, demographic information and more. With this data, you’ll be able to develop a digital strategy that best serves your organization’s goals.    



SiteImprove provides several online training videos on their website. GW-specific trainings are offered throughout the year and ad hoc support is available during our regular office hours or by emailing [email protected].


Getting Access

SiteImprove is available to anyone at GW who manages a website.


Request SiteImprove Access



Logging Into Siteimprove

Looking for the Siteimprove login link? Head to the Siteimprove homepage and click the "Sign In" button.