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Our award-winning team of graphic designers within Marketing & Creative Services are passionate about using their creative energies to fuel university marketing initiatives that attract attention, support your messaging goals and remain in line with university visual identity standards and guidelines.

Designing across print and digital mediums, we create marketing solutions for our partners, including print and editorial design, web and social media graphics, motion graphics and still illustrations, and merchandise design. Projects can vary from a simple trifold brochure to an integrated marketing campaign.  



The Design Project Process 

Our goal is to collaborate with our academic and administrative partners in creating compelling print and digital marketing collateral. Please reference this page for what to expect from the design process.

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Submit a Project Request

To get started, submit a project request. Every new project needs a new request, so please submit even if you’re already working with a marketing specialist or designer on a different project.


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Let's Get Started

A member of the marketing team will reach out to gather information about your project needs and goals. After the initial meeting, we will determine whether you will work with a marketing specialist or directly with a member of the graphic design team. 

Next you’ll need to send an edited, proofread, and finalized Word document (or a marked up PDF using the “Comment” tab in Adobe Acrobat) with your text for the project. Please also share any photos you want to use. If you need us to use photos from our University Photo Library, please let us know what you’re looking for. 

If there are print components to your project, we can share recommended vendor names and contacts with you at this time so that you can begin collecting price quotes. Moving forward, we will provide print-ready files and reviewing proofs, but otherwise ask clients to coordinate directly with vendors on the printing of projects. 



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Design & Proof Review Commences

First Proof
Depending on the scope of your project, you may work directly with the designer from this point forward. We typically need 7-10 days to turn around a first proof, and the designer will share it with you directly when it’s complete. 

Proofing Process
Please review the proof carefully. In the past, our project managers also reviewed proofs. But moving forward, you will be responsible for reviewing all text, graphics, and photo content for correctness and consistency. Follow our proofreading tips to understand what to look for. The designer will make any requested content or design modifications and send you an updated proof to review again. Most projects require less than three rounds of proofs before being approved. 

Please allow 1-2 working days for the designer to make small edits or 2-4 working days for more extensive edits. If you’re working on a larger scale project or have a number for extensive edits, please consult with your designer on reasonable time expectations for the next proof. If you have a firm deadline, please let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate it. 

How To Provide Edits
We greatly appreciate your making edits on the PDF proof itself. You can do this by downloading and opening the PDF file with Adobe Acrobat, opening the “Comment” tab and making comments or mark-ups on the PDF. Then save and send that file back to us. Please do not use the “Edit” tab in Adobe Acrobat. This helps streamline our design process and gets our designers working on your piece faster. Please also make sure you’re providing the mark-ups in Adobe Acrobat and not in the Dropbox comments field. 


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Final Approval

The project will be considered approved once you have carefully reviewed the final proof and verified that all text and graphic elements are correct. Let your designer know that you are ready for the final file. Please note that we are no longer able to provide an internal proofreading service, so your careful review of this final proof is important. 

If the final project is digital-only, the designer will provide you with a final file in the format requested and the project will be considered complete. 


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Printing and Fulfillment

Our team will support clients in working directly with print vendors. Upon final approval of a project that needs printing, the designer will send the client a print-ready file package, which the client will then share with the vendor of their choosing. The vendor will then send a proof back to the client for their approval before production begins. It is the client’s responsibility to approve this proof. However, we also ask that you share the proof with the designer so that they can double check it for any design concerns.

If you discover edits that need to be made on the vendor’s proof, please let the designer know so that they can also make the edits on our version of the file. This is important for version control, so that if in the future you want to reprint the job again or make edits from the final version, we will have it in our archives. 

Once you approve the print vendor’s proof, you will work with them to confirm when and where the job should deliver. 


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We do not charge for design time. If you print or produce merchandise, you will pay the vendor directly.


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