Typefaces & Lockups

Typography is a critical part of speaking in GW’s voice. Consistent application of well-chosen typography solidifies the role that tone and voice play in GW’s brand.

GW’s typefaces are Avenir Next LT Pro, Hoefler Text and GW Liberated. Hoefler Text and GW Liberated are used as graphic elements on web, while Avenir is the default font for sites produced in our Drupal Editorial Theme.



Alphabet and numbers in avenir next L T pro font



Avenir Next LT Pro

Avenir Next LT Pro is GW’s primary sans serif and workhorse typeface. It is suitable for use in headlines, subheads and body copy.


Alphabet and numbers in Hoefler Text font



Hoefler Text

Hoefler Text is the university’s official serif typeface and can be used as an alternative to the sans serif Avenir Next LT Pro, especially in body copy.

Hoefler Text Black Italic (with swash variants enabled) is featured prominently alongside GW Liberated in the signature headline lockups.

Alphabet and numbers in GW Liberated font



GW Liberated

GW Liberated is primarily used as a display typeface for headlines and in the signature headline lockups. GW Liberated is a modified version of the commercially-available font, Liberator. Email [email protected] for information on obtaining this font.



Example of a lockup; your friends call them inventors, policy-makers and world leaders. We call them professors



A prominent visual feature in GW’s identity is the signature headline lockup. For headlines and more creative pieces, the GW Liberated and Hoefler Text Bold Italic Swash typefaces should be artistically configured to create an interesting composition.

The signature headline lockup is not for use in every category of communication. For more information on when its use is appropriate, see the system overview.

The signature headline lockup is composed of three to four core elements: 

  • the primary typeface (GW Liberated),
  • the accent typeface (Hoefler Text Bold Italic Swash)
  • and the graphic elements (bars and boxes).

When constructing signature headline lockups, there are several things to consider:

  • the pacing of the headline
  • choosing the correct words to emphasize
  • how the graphic elements (bars and boxes) are utilized

Individual signature headline lockups can be dialed up or down in energy and excitement by emphasizing more or fewer words, alternating word sizes and even rotating orientation of the lockups themselves when constructing them.

The words in the lockup should be arranged in a creative, engaging way that strengthens the copy and reinforces the brand. Words and lines should be comfortably spaced so that they feel quite literally “locked up” or constructed and free from any effects.

Signature headline lockups are not restricted to particular sizes, but are most effective when used for the main headline or title of a piece. Lockups may use between one and three colors of a similar tone, and should never include a contrasting or complementary color.


Do's & Don'ts of Lockups 


good example of a lockup mixing typefaces and using at least one bar or box; this is the intellectual hub of the nation's capital




  • Use more than one typeface and type size
  • Use at least one bar or box


bad example of a lockup with overlapping text; this is where you learn to love or loathe the hippo




  • Overlap type
  • Use contrasting colors
  • Mix any part of the signature headline lockup with Avenir Next LT Pro