Meet Our Staff

The Marketing and Creative Services team has offices in 2033 K Street NW (entrance on 21st Street NW) on the third and seventh floors.  All visitors are requested to go directly to Suite 720. 

Project Management, Visual Design and Web Production
Suite 720 

Digital Strategy including Photography and Videography
Suite 350

Our team can be reached by email at [email protected] and our fax number is 202-994-1222.



Name Title Phone Email
Dominic Abbate Creative Director 4-1241 [email protected]
William Atkins Senior University Photographer 4-1499 [email protected]
Denise Bakar Senior Creative Project Manager 4-0992 [email protected]
Shea Bartlett Web Editor 4-1462 [email protected]
Sarah Crisci Senior Creative Project Manager 4-0630 [email protected]
Morgan Frazier Senior Graphic Designer 4-1183 [email protected]
Lesley Grier Associate Director of Digital Marketing Strategy 4-4027 [email protected]
Matt Hodgkins Multimedia Producer 4-5017 [email protected]
Anne Hsieh Senior Graphic Designer 4-1230 [email protected]
Jon Hussey Managing Director of Digital Marketing Strategy 4-3938 [email protected]
Kate Kalas Associate Director of Client Services 4-5592 [email protected]
Dan Lomask Web Editor 4-4049 [email protected]
Kalee Long Web Editor 4-5341 [email protected]
Sienna Long Graphic Designer 4-0937 [email protected]
Casey McKelvy Graphic Designer 4–1165 [email protected]
John McGlasson Managing Art Director 4-7861 [email protected]
Natasha Mojica Web Producer 4-5310 [email protected]
Heather Oesterling Graphic Designer 4-3941 [email protected]
Leslie Ogus Marketing Manager & Director of Licensing 4-9718 [email protected]
Jillian Pichocki Web Developer, Front End 4-0593 [email protected]
Leah Rosen Associate Vice President 4-1455 [email protected]
Josh Schimmerling Managing Director of Client Services 4-7788 [email protected]
Jessica Sereno Senior Graphic Designer 4-1377 [email protected]
Sara Styles Assistant Director 4-7725 [email protected]
Annette Thomson Associate Director Requirements & Support 4-7629 [email protected]
Gabino Villanueva Senior Creative Project Manager 4-0735 [email protected]