Meet Our Staff

The Marketing and Creative Services team is located at 2100 Pennsylvania, Ave., NW, Suite 401, Washington DC 20052.  

Our team can be reached by email at [email protected].



Name Title Phone Email
Dominic Abbate Creative Director 4-1241 [email protected]
William Atkins Senior University Photographer 4-1499 [email protected]
Denise Bakar Senior Creative Project Manager 4-0992 [email protected]
Shea Bartlett Web Editor 4-1462 [email protected]
Morgan Frazier Senior Graphic Designer 4-1183 [email protected]
Lesley Grier Associate Director of Digital Marketing Strategy 4-4027 [email protected]
Matt Hodgkins Multimedia Producer 4-5017 [email protected]
Anne Hsieh Senior Graphic Designer 4-1230 [email protected]
Jon Hussey Managing Director of Digital Marketing Strategy 4-3938 [email protected]
Kate Kalas Associate Director of Client Services 4-5592 [email protected]
Dan Lomask Web Editor 4-4049 [email protected]
Kalee Long Web Editor 4-5341 [email protected]
Sienna Long Graphic Designer 4-0937 [email protected]
John McGlasson Managing Art Director 4-7861 [email protected]
Natasha Mojica Web Producer 4-5310 [email protected]
Heather Oesterling Graphic Designer 4-3941 [email protected]
Leslie Ogus Marketing Manager & Director of Licensing 4-9718 [email protected]
Jillian Pichocki Web Developer, Front End 4-0593 [email protected]
Leah Rosen Associate Vice President 4-1455 [email protected]
Josh Schimmerling Managing Director of Client Services 4-7788 [email protected]
Jessica Sereno Senior Graphic Designer 4-1377 [email protected]
Sara Styles Assistant Director 4-7725 [email protected]
Annette Thomson Associate Director Requirements & Support 4-7629 [email protected]
Gabino Villanueva Senior Creative Project Manager 4-0735 [email protected]