Identity Standards & Guidelines

Objectives of our Guidelines 

Our identity is a powerful asset. By consistently applying all the elements of the George Washington University visual identity across all touchpoints, we create and maintain a strong "brand" that reinforces who we are, how we define our personality and the value we provide to our key audiences. 

GW's Identity Standards and Guidelines provide standards and guidelines to be consistently applied to all of our branded touchpoints including advertising, print, collateral, stationery, signage and digital media. The document includes standards and guidelines for the use of:

Institutional Logos

  • Institutional logos, including the primary, horizontal, portrait and monogram logos
  • University seal (note, the use of the Seal and Coat of Arms is restricted and requires special permission)
  • Signature system, including campus, academic, administrative division/department, program/initiative/event, student organization and Athletics logos
  • Taglines

Additionally, the document provides information about:  

Visual System Elements

  • Color Palette
  • Tone
  • Typefaces
  • Headline Construction
  • Graphic elements 
  • Imagery


  • Fixed, institutional, informational, marketing and events/programming system overviews
  • Logo matrix and naming convention