Annette Thomson

Annette Thomson


If you were to tweet your staff bio, what would yours say?

Don’t panic, we’ll find a solution.

Annette’s earliest computer memories are playing games and programming BASIC on her family’s VIC20 and hours spent online exploring Prodigy. She credits her childhood exposure to computers for her talents in translating between technical and non-technical people, as well as her ability to see the big picture and break it down into smaller, manageable tasks. At MCS, Annette leads the team responsible for shaping what new features will be built on GW Drupal and our other web platforms, and planning for and providing their ongoing support. On any given day, Annette and her team are busy creating technical specifications, testing new features or rooting out bugs, planning or conducting trainings and providing user support.

With a background in web system analysis and development, plus two degrees in information systems, Annette is key to helping facilitate a positive impact on GW’s web presence, whether it’s for a feature that will be used by hundreds of people or providing one-on-one client support.

Annette claims her greatest non-office talent is finding four-leaf clovers. Suffice it to say, we feel lucky to have her at MCS.